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Tribepod is an exclusive community for the best freelancers in the world to discover one other and collaborate on client projects.

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No hidden fees. Freelancers walk away with 100% of the project cost.

Tribes = Teams

Build or join tribes to enhance your workflow, augment your team, and deliver on interesting projects.

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For Talent

Exclusive and bespoke projects and tribes just for you
  • Keep 100% of earnings - no hidden fees
  • Get paid on time
  • Simple proposal system

For Clients

Get simple and effective proposals from cherry-picked tribes or individuals

  • Access to quality global talent
  • Milestone-based payments
  • Simplify your project briefs

A seamless experience with powerful project management tools

From discovering tribes and projects, to bidding, communication and payments, we’ve thought about every aspect of your experience on Tribepod and are working to build you the most effective hub – all on platform.

Simplified Proposals

We’ve gotten rid of lengthy submissions. Tribepod will offer a quick and easy form to communicate ideas.


Peace of mind! Talent structures a project through milestones. Project payment is released upon each milestone completion.


Thrive together with your community – from tribe members to clients, your conversations and collaborations are in one hub.

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Answers to

Frequently asked questions

What is Tribepod?
Tribepod is a freelance marketplace that connects global freelancers with clients to collaborate, build teams, and work on exciting projects – remotely and globally.

Freelancers (Talent) can either work alone (Lone Wolf), or create/work in a team (Tribe) of their choice. Clients can select a Lone Wolf, an existing Tribe, or create their own Tribe to fulfil project requirements.

Tribepod is by invite-only. Invited users will be able to select individuals from their personal and professional networks to join them on Tribepod and gain new business with like-minded professionals. They’ll be sure to be selective, as they only have 10 invites to dish out. Birds a feather, flock together – you want the best professionals in your Tribe to stay competitive!
Why join Tribepod?
If you want to work with the best of the best, then Tribepod is for you. Think of us as your very own concierge service for matching you with exciting client projects and introducing you to talent across the globe with whom you can collaborate. And, why choose a cubicle when you can be poolside sipping on a coconut? You can be as remote and comfortable as your WiFi permits!

• Talented Go-Getter Freelancers: On Tribepod, you reap what you sow. Talent walk away with 100% of earnings. No hidden fees.

• Forward Thinking Clients: The way we conduct business is changing, so what better time to take advantage of a flexible workforce in order to reduce your overheads and tap into global top-notch professionals without stepping on a plane or be swamped with complex paperwork. We understand times are tough and want to better serve you and your business successes.
What is a Tribe?
A Tribe is a team of talented freelancers who have come together to form their own bespoke community, collaborate, and successfully complete client projects.
What is a Pod?
A Pod is the industry that a Tribe is associated with – this could range from Design, Media & Entertainment, Mobile, Web & Software Development, to Architecture, Finance – the list goes on.
How can I join Tribepod as a client or freelancer?
If you would like to join the community, fill in your relevant form on – once accepted, we will match you with a potential project and like-minded talent.
When does the Tribepod platform launch?
We aim to launch the platform in 2021. Until then, the Tribepod team will be manually matching you with client projects and other talented professionals.
How much does Tribepod cost?
Nothing! Tribepod is invite-only, so there are no recurring monthly costs. After all, your success is our success. Tribepod retains a flat platform fee (15%) from the client, which doesn't affect the freelancer or tribe project fee income.
How do I make and receive payments?
We understand that efficient, secure, and timely payments are most important. Simply agree the project cost between you or the Tribe, and the client, and we will ensure that milestone payments are received and disbursed upon milestone initiation and completion. Users will have to share their PayPal account information and we'll do the rest!
Are there Non-Disclosure Agreements?
If you don’t have one ready, no worries! We'll have an NDA for all parties to sign. Confidentiality, privacy, and security are our top priorities.